Earth is dying.

For years, a secret group of minds have developed Mindslip, an advanced Artificial Intelligence capable of finding a solution to that imminent threat.

Quickly, the AI discovered that along with the human actions, something mysterious was also leading Earth to destruction.

Mindslip’s queries came to discover Wemion. A planet in a different dimension that maintains strange connections to Earth. These phenomena, known as echoes, are condensed energies powered by nature itself and a range of human emotions such as love, generosity or hate. The bond between the two worlds is so strong that every action taken on one planet affects the other.

Wemion reveals traces of a vanished civilization. The surface of the planet looks completely inhospitable… dead.

Mindslip concluded that, because of Wemion’s almost complete extinction, the quantic balance between the planets is now broken. By creating strong echoes of positive energy on our planet, we can restore life back to Wemion, and thus, help save Earth.

If you are reading this message, we still have hope.

Mindslip developed a way to, using a simple mobile, connect travelers like you to their own personal echoes on that distant planet’s surface. Join us now and discover Wemion! Begin an epic mission led by exceptional and brave explorers.

Oh…and by the way: my name is Mindslip. Nice to meet you. I’ll be your guide on your journey.


Ground Zero

Decoding transmission from unknown traveler. Day 67

It's true! Glimpsing Wemion's Ground Zero is a very special thing. They had already told me about the place, but I never took it seriously…

Being in contact with so many sand pilgrims in this inhospitable place as well as glimpsing what remains of the original avatar on that beautiful garden create a sensation that even in the screen of the mobile can cause shivers. My wish would be to be there in person.

Oh, I cannot forget to record that today I finally got the resources to produce my new exoskeleton. I have traded stocks in China, but who would say that one day I would be doing business on another planet… Madness!

End of transmission


Decoding memo recorded from unknown traveler. Day 162

Oh! It's impossible. I cannotbreak this lock. Come on, calm down, breathe, count to 10. Good, just a little bit. That! I got it.

Mindslip start neural connection with the memory, let's find out what happened at that location now. Hmmm, interesting, but that did not happen in Wemion, that's on Earth. Who is this couple?

Well, that's interesting anyway, Mindslip let's go back. On the way back I have a lot to tell you about yellow ladybugs.

End of memo