Beyond the emergency: What came out of the Longest Shutdown in History

15.03.19 | by Leonardo Rocchiccioli in community, emergency, health,

Closed for the day

The government shutdown showed us what is most chaotic about American politics, but it also showed us what is most noble about the American public.  Taking stock of what came out of the shutdown there is, most obviously, the government budget, more humorously, the meme of Nancy Pelosi walking out of the White House.  More […]


Writing a crowdfunding campaign that will really take off

07.03.19 | by Leonardo Rocchiccioli in innovation,

manequin flies plane

Creating a successful crowdfunding campaign is a challenge, so here are six tips to building the best campaign possible. 1. BACK TO BASICS – CHECK YOUR SPELLING! I know this is obvious, but it’s also really easy to miss.  As your campaign spreads from your most immediate network you’ll need to prove your credibility.  More […]


This is not where you want to be

22.02.19 | by Leonardo Rocchiccioli in innovation,

I’m glad to see you want to support a campaign, you’ve been redirected to this page because you tried to access the Wemion app through your computer. As an app, Wemion is exclusively available on mobile devices – we made this decision to keep up with the evolving market of online crowdfunding and to give […]