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Is Wemion an NGO?

No, Wemion is a private social impact enterprise whose initiative aims at helping others and the environment.

What does Wemion do?

Wemion is a platform that allows people to help resolve other people’s issues through a person-to-person gameplay experience.

How can NGOs and Institutions participate in Wemion? / I'm interested in partnering with Wemion. How can I contact the company?

Wemion is a person-to-person platform where associations, companies, organizations, NGOs and other institutions are not represented. But any participant, employee or volunteer of those institutions can create campaigns and missions to help others, animals or the environment, while being personally responsible for managing the campaigns.

What is the difference between a Campaign and a Mission?

Missions are part of a campaign. The campaign is where you can tell your story, expose the situation, the problem that you need help with and explain what needs to be solved. Missions are the tasks needed to achieve the campaign goals.

Does it cost anything to use Wemion?

No. Wemion is a free game and platform for anyone to use. You will only be charged when/if you donate money to a mission, then Wemion charges a 5% transaction fee for maintenance and support of the platform.

What countries are supported on Wemion?

For now, Wemion is only available in the USA.

How does it work?

You can create a Money Mission and receive money for the campaign you support. Wemion selected WePay as the processor PCI Level 1 Compliant and offers industry-leading (SSL) technology.

What can I raise money for?

Through Wemion you can raise money for different causes, such as health, community, emergency, planet and animal, related issues.

How do I withdraw money from donations made to my campaigns?

You can easily withdraw money by accessing your WePay account. At WePay you can choose how often these withdrawals happen (daily, weekly, or monthly). Access for more information.

Will my donors be charged any extra fees?

Donors won’t be charged any extra fees unless they decide to cover WePay and Wemion fees.

Can people donate to my money mission from other countries?

Yes, Wemion accepts donations from anywhere around the world.

What happens if my money mission doesn't reach its goal?

Don’t worry, you will keep all money raised.

Why does Wemion have to charge a fee?

Wemion charges a 5% fee of each donation to cover operating costs and the growth of the platform.

How do I get my donation refunded?

Although donations are not refundable, please send us an email to with your request.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Wemion does not provide tax information or incentives. Please consult a tax professional to make sure your get a most accurate answer.

Do I need an account to receive donations?

Yes, you need an account at Wemion and also at WePay. At this time you must have a Social Security number to receive money donations inside the platform.

Is there a money limit when creating money missions?

Yes, according to your creation level in the game. As you improve in the game, you can create money missions with a higher goal.

What happens after a money mission reaches its goal? / After a money mission reaches its goal can it still receive donations?

When a money mission reaches its goal it will be marked as completed, and will be closed to new donations.

What are the payment methods supported in Wemion?

At Wemion you can donate using credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

Is my donation safe?

We are very committed to your security. That's why we have partnered with WePay. Every transaction processed by WePay is secured by their industry-leading risk technology where all sensitive personal information is encrypted and stored in a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliant environment. According to WePay your funds are always held by their FDIC-insured partner bank, so your money is never at risk.

Do I have to use my real name? / Do I have to use my Facebook account?

Your information will be automatically uploaded in the app through the Facebook login. This is our way to ensure that you are a real person and to provide security to other people using Wemion.

Is my personal information public in Wemion?

No. The only public information is your name and photo that are connected to your facebook account.

How do I know it's safe to donate to someone?

Wemion has a rating tool so people can give you positive or negative ratings. We encourage you to donate to people you know, but if there's a campaign that speaks to your heart and you want to help, check the campaign creator’s rating.

Who can look at my Wemion profile?

Everyone using Wemion can see your profile.

When do I appear in Wemion search results?

You can appear if someone looks for your campaign or related campaigns, or if someone searches for your name specifically.

Who can my campaigns be shared with?

Since Wemion is a mobile application and you are connected with us through Facebook, your campaigns can be shared in your timeline. Who will be able to see them depends on your privacy settings on your Facebook account.

How do I report a fraud?

If you notice any suspicious activity at Wemion, please contact us at immediately. We will do our best to investigate your claim and take proper actions if necessary.

Who can follow my campaigns / Who can donate to my campaigns?

Anyone playing Wemion can follow and help any campaign. It is important to remember that Wemion recommends you donate money and time only to people you know. If you met this person on the internet, try to reach out to him/her first, and of course, always check the user reputation to see if he/she is well recommended by others.

Can I ask something for a cultural Project?

In Wemion users can't create Campaigns and missions to help associations, companies, organizations, NGOs and other institutions like those. The recipient must be a person, a group of people, an animal or the environment itself. If the cultural project is aiming to help any of those groups it's ok.

Can I ask something for my pet?

Yes, you can. If you have a pet that needs something you can't provide, feel free to use Wemion as a platform to help give your little friend an awesome life.

Can Celebrities contribute to my cause?

Yes. Anyone playing Wemion can help someone else. As we say, “Each one, reach one”.

Is there a time limit for campaigns / missions?

The tenure of a mission is the time you need to solve it. Campaigns don’t have time limits like missions, they expire from the map after 30 days of no activity involving them.

What can I ask for as a time mission?

Whatever requires people`s locomotion and time in order to complete a task, as long as it doesn't offend anyone and/or go against our Terms & Conditions.

Why do I have to check-in for a time mission?

You have to check-in so we can ensure that you have completed this mission and give you points for your help.

What do I do if someone doesn't show up after confirming a time donation?

If a person doesn't show up without any previous notification, you can give him/her a negative rating.

What should I use as a photo for my campaign?

Wemion believes that campaigns should inspire other people to help you! With that in mind, our recommendation is to not use graphic pictures or images that explore the suffering and pain of other individuals. Try something that makes people have hope and faith in helping you solve your Campaign Missions.

Is Wemion a game?

Yes, Wemion is a game! When you play in the virtual world, you actually help people in real life.

How do I earn Points? / How do I level up?

You earn points by helping other people, completing missions, creating campaigns and being an active game player. The more you play and help, the more points you get, enhancing your abilities and leveling up.

How do I create a campaign?

It’s easy! There is a “Create” button on the lower right corner of the app. When you push it, two options will pop up and then you just tap “Campaigns”. Another screen will appear with questions about the situation that you want to create a Campaign for. Follow the prompts and that’s it!

How can I communicate / interact with my friends and followers?

You can’t follow people yet in Wemion, but we encourage you to follow campaigns and interact with the creator and the other followers. The comments section of the campaign is the perfect place for you to talk about the missions and the story that the creator is telling.

Why do I have to log in/check in with facebook to play?

As part of Wemion’s policy, we want to be a transparent platform. To ensure this, our users must be real people and we confirm this with your Facebook profile.