Beyond the emergency: What came out of the Longest Shutdown in History

15.03.19 | by Leonardo Rocchiccioli in community, emergency, health,

Closed for the day

The government shutdown showed us what is most chaotic about American politics, but it also showed us what is most noble about the American public.  Taking stock of what came out of the shutdown there is, most obviously, the government budget, more humorously, the meme of Nancy Pelosi walking out of the White House.  More […]


Paralyzed people will have a new option to walk again

07.03.19 | by Aline Salmi in health, innovation,

In the US, nearly 1.5 million people live with paralysis due to Spinal Cord Injuries and only 0.9% of the cases fully recover. The highest incidence happens at the ages of 16-30 and 48% of the injuries are caused by accidents with motor vehicles. Considering this scenario, the startup TWIICE is developing a lower limb exoskeleton that […]