When the world began to show disturbing signs that threatens the survival of humanity, a group of international minds started an open source project to develop Mindslip, an Artificial Intelligence capable of helping humans solve their major challenges. The mission was successful.

Now it is time to join forces with travelers around the world and Mindslip, in a quest to transform Earth while discovering the secrets and saving a mysterious world called Wemion.

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Explore a multiplayer coop
game based on good actions


Join other travellers like you to uncover the secrets and bring life to a new World while helping real causes.

Play, evolve and
help more


Develop your Kindness, Generosity and Altruism attributes and evolve, earning more influence and ability ability to reach and help even more.

Quickly geolocate
the world issues


Set pain points that last for 24 hours to show other Users where someone or something is in need.

Create your own campaigns
and ask for what you need,
when you need


Describe the story, get followers and set multiple missions to ask for things you just discovered you need. Important, you can never create a campaign for yourself. Only for others.

A transparent


Every cause has an individual behind it. Know who you are helping and who is responsible for every campaign.

Crowdhelping gameplay
mechanics based on
multiple resources


Help as many campaigns as you see fit, with time, money or faith, and earn points.

Need a hand to help even more?