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Create and support
social campaigns


Explore the Wemion Map and find stories in your community that need your help. Use the Discover Feed to locate specific campaigns among the Planet, Community, Emergency, Animals and Health categories. Or create your own campaign quickly and at no cost.

Crowdhelping: more
than just fundraising


We believe every story has its own needs. Create specific missions asking for money, time, knowledge or talent, as the building blocks to your campaign. Share them with your family and friends and become part of this new “Sharity” model.

An Epic Journey
of real life change


Be part of a thrilling story and help save a virtual world by contributing to the one around you with your good deeds. At Wemion, your good actions in the real world have the power to create life and change this virtual world forever.

Brands and people
working together


Involve yourself with Wemion’s mysteries and vote for your favorite campaigns, electing them to receive resources from Corporate Vessels.

Evolve, earn items,
Tokens and help more


Earn rewards and evolve in Wemion based on your accomplishments on earth.  Collect items and tokenized artifacts that will amplify your reach; empowering you to help even more.

The power of


Being part of this experience is something that can transform humanity, and that is why a part of the people who help a campaign end up creating their own. Discover Wemion!